About Exam

The complete Model CAT exam will be an online exam.

The Ranks will be provided on weekly basis, based upon the no. of students appeared for the exam.

The General CAT TEST PATTERN is unstable. Every Year it varies. To an extent, the test pattern can be judged


  • Verbal Ability
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Problem Solving
  • Data Interpretation
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Data Sufficiency
  • Maths Problems

any of the above sections can be clubbed with any of the other. It is essential that you demonstrate your competence in all the sections.

Keeping previous year trends into consideration we are clubbing all categories.

The Question Paper will consist of 100 questions with 4 marks with Total of 400 Marks each in 150 Minutes (2 ˝ hours). Negative marks will be there with 25% or 1 Mark.


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How to Write Exam? Top

  • First you need to register FREE in
  • After registration, you need to logon into and there you will have an option to select your Model EAMCET Exam
  • After choosing the exam you need to pay RS 50/- to write the exam and we have 4 different payment modes to choose.
  • Once you pay the amount you will get an MBC code and Password with which you can write your respective exam.

How to write exam? Top

  • Before writing the exam you need to install "MATHS PLAYER" which will be shown inside the exam.
  • The "Total exam time", "your time consumption" and "remaining time" will be shown on TOP Right.
  • You can "PAUSE" the exam at any point of time and can continue latter. Once you restart the exam your time will start from the point where you paused.
  • Generally questions are displayed in sequence based on the subjects. You have an option to choose subjects on Top left.
  • All attempted questions will be displayed in RED color and non-attempted are displayed in Black Color. You can select them to view and edit.
  • Once the question is displayed you can choose any one answer and click on “SUBMIT ANSWER”. If you didn’t click on submit answer then your answer will not be stored.
  • You can clear selected answer by clicking on “CLEAR SELECTION” button on right side of the question.
  • You can go to next question by clicking Next, You can go to previous question by clicking Previous, You can go to first question by clicking on first and last question by clicking on Last
  • Once you reached the last question you will get Finish button. By clicking on finish button you can finish the exam and prompted to your analysis report.

Note : If you click on FINISH Button you can’t write exam later even you have time and questions to write.
  In between the exam if you need any help you can call us on 040-65441745, 040-69995354 (9 AM to 9 PM)

Benefits of Online Model CAT Exam Top

  • Questions are prepared by Industry professionals.
  • You can write online exam and predict your rank.
  • You will come to know on which position you are standing when compared with others.
  • You can choose your subject and write the exam.
  • You can write same exam multiple times and every time you will get a new set of questions.
  • You can write exam at any time 24 X 7.
  • You can pause the exam when ever you want and you can continue when ever you want but your overall time will be 02:30 hrs only.
  • You can review the exam at any point of time and can know attended and not attended questions.
  • You can calculate time of completion by our tools.
  • You will get complete analysis report about your exam at the end.
  • Total Questions : 115
  • Total Marks : 460
  • Total time : 02:30:00